About Us - Psychiatry in McKinney, TX

About Us

Healthy Regards Psychiatry in McKinney, TX offers clients (ages 18+) comprehensive mental health care to address most mental health symptoms. Our holistic approach is customized for every client to tailor their needs. We are diverse in our treatment options and offer functional medication recommendations, evidence based traditional medications as well as psychotherapy/counseling.

At Healthy Regards Psychiatry, we truly value the time with the patient and spend up to 60 mins a new session listening to the patient, going over symptoms, nutrition, lab work, previous history, current medications, lifestyle, faith, and anything else that the client deems as relevant to their care. Our psychiatric nurse practitioners are board certified to treat clients who are experiencing symptoms of ADHD, GAD, MDD, OCD, PTSD, Insomnia, Bipolar disorder, and many other diagnoses.

About Us - Healthy Regards Psychiatry in McKinney, TX